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Prices for 2013

Species of Fish Current Prices** Recommended Stocking per acre of Water*

(Stocking Rates are based on first time pond stocking and the stocking of our fingerling size.  If you are going to be supplementing a pond please call for a more personalized plan.)

Channel Catfish

6"-8" are $50.00 per hundred fish

8"-10" are $75.00 per hundred fish

Over 12" are $1.50 per pound


Stock 400-500 6"-8" Catfish to one acre of water.  It is fine to stock Catfish in the initial stocking of a pond as long as there are adequate bluegill and minnows stocked at the same time.  If fed approximately 3 times a week they will grow to approximately 3/4 of a pound by the end of their first year.


Call for current Pricing and Availability.


These fish die when the water reaches 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit and must be restocked every year.  They are good to use for forage fish, eating algae and vegetation out of the ponds, and they are good to eat!  If using for vegetation control stock 10 pounds to the acre, if using for forage fish stock 20 pounds to the acre. Tilapia can be used in Garden Ponds also to control the algae. Recently, they have been used by local cities for vegetation control and cleaning purposes in the water treatment plants.

Northern Largemouth Bass

4"-6" are $1.50 per fish

6"-8" are $4.00 per fish

1lb.-3lb. Call for Price and Availability

Stock 50-75, 4"-6" fish to the acre.  We recommend stocking the largemouth bass approximately one year after the initial stocking of bluegill and minnows.  This allows the bluegill and minnows to get established so that they are ready to support a good bass population.  Our bass are trained to eat a commercial fish feed pellet if you want to supplement them.

Fathead Minnows(Rosie Reds & Black Tuffies)


$9.00 per pound



Stock ten pounds to the acre.  These are good to stock to help build a forage base for the other fish in the pond.  They play an important role in keeping the other fish fed and healthy.


Hybrid Bluegill

(Straight Bluegill X Green Sunfish)


2"-3" are $45.00 per hundred fish

4"-6" are $75.00 per hundred fish

6" and over are $8.00 per pound


Stock 300 of the 1"-3" size per one acre of water.  These fish are approximately 90 % male and are not recommended for the start of a forage base.  However, these fish are great to add to a fishing pond and are said to be more aggressive and easier to catch. 



Straight Bluegill


2"-3" are $45.00 per hundred fish

4"-6" are $75.00 per hundred fish

6" and over are $8.00 per pound


Stock 500 of the 1"-3" size per one acre of water.  Straight bluegill are an important start of any pond.  They are part of the forage base that will support the game fish and catfish populations.  This stocking rate was made with the assumption that catfish are to be stocked at the same time.  If no catfish are stocked then more bluegill can be added.



Triploid White Amur (Sterile Grass Carp)

$8.00 per fish.  Fish are approximately 8"-12"


As of January 1st, 2010 Oklahoma is officially a triploid state.  Diploid grass carp are no longer allowed.  Stock ten grass carp to the acre to help with vegetation problems.



**All prices are From Our Business and are subject to change at any time.  Not all sizes and fish are available at all times.



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