Fish Available

Fish Price List 2018

Prices are from our business.  No minimum order required.  We do have delivery available.  Other species and sizes may be available upon request.  We will seasonally carry Rainbow Trout, Walleye, and Hybrid Striper Bass.  Call for recommended stocking rates.  We don’t have set packages because each pond is different and it depends on your fishing goals.

Channel Catfish

6-8 inch       $0.50 each

8-10 inch     $0.75 each

Over 12″     $2.50 per pound


Hybrid & Straight Bluegill

2-3 inch        $0.45 each

4-6 inch        $0.75 each

6″ & over      $9.00 per pound


Northern Largemouth Bass

4-6 inch        $1.50 each

6-8 inch        $4.00 each

1 lb & over    $12.00 per pound


Triploid White Amur (Sterile Grass Carp)

8-10 inch      $8.00 each


Fathead Minnows

$10.00 per pound


Nile Tilapia (Available May 2016 for Pond Stocking, Anytime for heated Aquaponics Systems)

2-3″      $1.00 each

4-6″      $2.00 each

$8.00 lb for larger size (approximately 3 per pound)

We recommend calling to get on our list.  We will only have a limited amount of the larger size available.



3-5 inch      $0.65 each

Larger sizes call for availability