About Us


Our History

We are the third generation operating the fish farm but our youngest guy Russell is actually the 6th generation to live within a mile!  Our history starts before statehood in Indian Territory.

In the early 1900’s Samuel and Martha Stamper moved about 1 mile south of where the Fish Farm is today and their daughter Edna Stamper married Warner Moore and had two sons named Bob and George.  Warner passed away in 1947 when Bob was 20 and George was just 10 years old.  Bob helped George and their mother Edna continue to keep their farm going and the brothers worked together for many years.  They started dabbling in fish farming in the late 1950’s and soon both of them were building ponds and raising catfish.  They eventually branched off and each of them ran their own farms.  Bob’s son Scott and daughter-in-law Debby now run his farm and you can see their website at Moore’s Flying M Ranch.

George raised catfish and cattle also.  He had a few different breeds of cattle but raised Registered Angus for a long time.  He sold a lot of hay, farmed crops, and had a dozer service as well.  He expanded the fish farm and started raising different species of fish including Bluegill, Bass, Minnows, and Crappie.  He and his wife JoAnn had four children the eldest of which was Dianna.  After George’s passing in 1997 Dianna and her husband Dewayne Mote took over operation of the fish farm.

Dewayne and Dianna continued to raise fish for wholesale and pond stocking and made a fee fishing pond out of our 25 acre pond.   They had about 20 head of Angus cows they raised calves out of as well.  During that time they also sold square bales of hay.  Dianna started our Fish Fry Restaurant and made it into a successful addition to the farm.  They also added production of Tilapia.  Dewayne and Dianna had two children, Melissa and Brandon.  After Dianna’s unexpected passing in 2007 her husband Dewayne, son Brandon, and daughter-in-law Casey began doing the day to day jobs.

After Dianna’s death the farm decided to do away with fee fishing and concentrate on commercial production.  We still sell fish for pond stocking and now have contracts with the State of Oklahoma and the City of Sapulpa.  We added close to 30 acres of water in late 2012/early 2013 which makes a total of 100 acres of water (including our rented water from the Flying M Ranch).  We are in the process of filling up the new ponds with water and they are going to be used for Channel Catfish production.  We really like the Tilapia and have grown a little each year and now have enclosed a 25 ft X 80 ft building for under roof production that will have 8400 gallons of water.  For more information please see our Tilapia Facility page.  Baling hay is still something we do and now we feed most of it to our herd of cattle.  We increased our numbers and now have Tigerstripe and Brahman influenced cows that we breed to Brangus Bulls for Brangus Baldie type calves.  We also added 55 head of Red Angus cows in December 2014.  You can read more about them on our Cattle page.  Our restaurant is still open each season March-November and family including Dewayne and Dianna’s daughter Melissa work at it each month.  We have people who come from all around the area to eat.